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The growth in the agro alimentary sector has influenced the office locations chosen by Ship Service.
We now run several fully-staffed agencies in the major terminals of the Port of Venice and Chioggia.
Due to our priority of customer satisfaction, we have also opened branches in private warehousing areas in Rovigo, Mantova, and Ferrara to ensure that all operations regarding unloading, warehousing, and redelivery are efficiently concluded.

Ship Service can also be found at the following addresses for goods redeliveries:

Ufficio di Porto Marghera
Porto commerciale
30175, Marghera (VE)
Tel. 041.2911950
Fax 041.2911957

Ufficio di Malcontenta
Via dell'Elettronica 9/11
30175, Malcontenta (VE)
Tel. 041.2911805
Fax 041.2911888
Ufficio C.I.A. Marghera Venezia
Via dell'Elettricità 21
30175, Marghera (VE)
Tel. 041.2528496
Fax 041.5385688
Ufficio di Chioggia
Via Maestri del Lavoro 50
loc. Valdario
30015, Chioggia (VE)
Tel. 041.5544125
Fax 041.4967916
Ufficio di Valdaro Mantova
Via C. Colombo
loc. Porto di Valdaro
46100, Mantova (MN)
Tel. 0376.302952
Fax 0376.341189

Ufficio di Costa Rovigo
Via G. Matteotti 414
45023, Costa di Rovigo (RO)
Tel. 0425.97131
Fax 0425.97039
Ufficio Interporto di Rovigo
Viale delle industrie 55
45100, Rovigo
Tel. 0425.934239
Fax 0425.934238
Ufficio di Pontelagoscuro
Tel. 0532.461262
Fax 0532.797161