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Ship Loading
Ship Service’s highly qualified staff aims to optimally coordinate the various operations concerning the loading of any type of good on board the ship by taking into account all the customers’ requirements and demands. From the arrival of the goods at the port, to the storage at the terminal open area and the warehouses, the procedures are organized, constantly monitored and any necessary customs assistance is provided. On demand, the following services can be provided: sampling of goods, the transfer alongside the vessel and relevant weighing, up to the completion of loading operations on board the ship. On our clients’ behalf, Ship Service Venice is able to manage large quantities of various goods and bulk cargo – amongst which: cereals, meal products, carbonate, iron and steel materials. Furthermore, Ship Service prides itself in its abilities to advise its customers during the contractual stages, on the best solutions regarding both transport and storage of the goods. Ship Service offers an accurate and quick service for customs clearance and the issue of cargo documentation.
Ship Unloading
The company is proud to offer a great deal of expertise cultivated over the years concerning the unloading of numerous products, amongst which: project cargo, bulk cargo, cereals, meal products, minerals, carbonate, to name but a few. Upon receiving the cargo documentation, Ship Service carefully verifies all the details to ensure that any potential delays or complications do not occur during unloading operations and customs formalities.
The unloading of the goods is constantly supervised by our highly specialised teams to give opportune report of the discharging operations. When requested, cargo sampling can be arranged and sent to the laboratory for analyses.
Daily reports are sent concerning the details of the unloaded goods.
This comprises the type of good unloaded, the current condition, and the warehouse reference - where it is stored. The detailed organization of the unloading phase and of the condition of the goods allows our staff to act promptly, should any unforeseen events arise.
For many years Ship Service has offered a vast array of inspections and verifications that ensure all contractual obligations are met. Based on the client’s necessities and contractual conformity of the transported goods. This is possible during the loading or the unloading of ships, trains and articulated vehicles to guarantee the quality and maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the goods intact. This sampling procedure can also be applied throughout the warehousing period to ensure that the goods are maintained in a correct environment prior to the redelivery. Our highly specialised staff is spread throughout the network of offices in both the Port of Venice and of Chioggia. In order to maintain our prominent high-ranking standards, our staff also monitors the warehouses where the redelivery stage occurs. Ship Service does not limit its sampling procedure to the agro alimentary and iron and steel sectors, but similarly offers this service for other various goods. The company offers a complete variety of services such as sampling, controlling and certification of oils and fat contents, cereals, and others. Ship Service Venice organises the delivery of the samples to the most competent and certified laboratories where all the relevant analyses and quality controls are carried out. Furthermore, our trained employees perform sampling also on petrochemical products.
Custom Practises
Ship Service keeps itself up-to-date with the most recent technology in order to provide our clients with a prompt service filled with professionalism, experience and precision. Additionally, our flexible taskforce and the attention paid to detail in the compilation of customs documents contributes to a service unlike any other. Ship Service offers a helpful approach to the various bureaucratic formalities linked with the international transport of goods. We aim to help at all stages of the journey – from the documentation phase to the final merchandise check before redelivery. Clearly, this service is offered to all: from import to export, and similarly to transit clients. The company represents its clients in a professional and qualified manner in all the procedures and requests presented to the customs, port and sanitary authorities. The wealth of knowledge accumulated in time places Ship Service in a position, upon request of its clients, to deal with all the customs transactions for goods entering or leaving the Italian State. Moreover, the service provided includes legal guidance regarding such matters, and the readily available representatives are not limited to the Port of Venice and Chioggia, but are easily found in all major ports in Italy. Our staff’s abilities extend to aiding each individual client with affairs in private customs warehouses, VAT and excise tax warehouses. Assistance will be offered from the preparation of the documents up until delivery to the competent authorities. Additionally, Ship Service deals with the warehouse register filing, and with the issuing of transport documentation.
During the redelivery stage, the merchandise entrusted to Ship Service is kept under strict control - whether in private warehouses or dock warehouses. If the goods are perishable, then the storage method and temperature are monitored at regular intervals. Ship Service arranges the redelivery of the goods, along with the necessary transport documents and the collection of warehouse dues on behalf of the clients when requested. The redelivery of the goods is concluded by the submission of a daily report including: all relevant data, a stock inventory and a customs statement. Should the client express such a necessity, the relevant data and daily report concerning their shipment can be emailed to them. If the client requires a sample of the goods to be drawn from the stock and packaged, our team is fully trained to carry out such tasks. The Ship Service offices are present in the following locations: the Commercial Port of Venice and Chioggia, Rovigo, various private terminals in Port of Marghera, Malcontenta Venice, Costa di Rovigo, and Ponte Lagoscuro– Ferrara and Valdaro – Mantova.
Shipping Agency
Ship Service operates as a shipping agency in the Ports of Venice and Chioggia and always aims to provide a uniquely accurate and professional service. Since 1981 Ship Service offers a high-quality approach to numerous shipping duties and in particular in Tramp shipping. The characteristics of this sector of shipping include the carriage of liquid and solid bulk cargoes, project cargo and containers. Our company also supports many well known shipping companies acting as a Protecting Agent. Ship Service strives to please our many customers, and therefore guarantees a fast and secure docking location upon arrival in the Port of Venice and Chioggia where it operates directly, and in all the main Italian Ports through its subagents. Our company offers to ships and their crew all the necessary support to deal with all formalities and obligations concerning Maritime Authorities. Ship Service also provides crew and passenger assistance for embarkation or disembarkation, and any other service might be necessary during the ship’s berthing. Ship Service can help organize the stopover in dry docks and shipyards to carry out ship repairs. We also collaborate with many distinguished ship husbandry providers and stores that supply spare parts, and equipment.