Ship Service Venezia Srl was established in 1981 in order to provide custom services for the port of Marghera (Venice). 

In 1985, the company broadened its activity by starting to import bulk agricultural products, and by opening port offices in Marghera and Chioggia. Core activities were to re-deliver imported goods to domestic customers and to manage import/export customs operations related to agriproducts.

The business expanded into steel and chemical products, and in 2008, Ship Service established activities at the inland ports of Rovigo and Mantua.

Today, Ship Service Venezia Srl operates in the port of VeniceMarghera, Chioggia, Koper, Ravenna and in the inland ports of Rovigo, Mantua and Cremona.

Ship Service Venezia Srl can now offer solid service to customers, with competitive tariffs for loading, warehousing and re-delivery of bulk and packaged goods.